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Commissions are undertaken on a private basis. Purely on Material costs and execution time, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas /Prepared Panel, are going to be more costly than Watercolour or Pen/Ink/Wash on Paper.  Contact Noel to discuss your requirements and get professional advice and guidance. It will cost nothing to inquire.  Please consider the time involved in planning and executing the work.


Prices are based on many variants.  The medium:   Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, or Pen/Ink/Wash, or Pencil. Then whether on  canvas , Prepared Panel or Paper. Then of course the size of the finished piece. Obviously the bigger a piece, the more it is going to cost, materials, time etc. Also consider the Final Framing Costs.


Please consider for Portraits, many sittings may be required. Portraits From Photographs: may be possible. Be aware: Flash photography can burn out subtle shadows on a face or clothing, that can make it difficult to get a true likeness. If sending photographs for consideration, please send only those shot in natural light without a flash. To discuss your requirements confidentially, contact Noel. 

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